In contact with nature

We are a Hosteria, Mirador Gallery and Restaurant surrounded by nautical pieces of hundreds of years and original designs in addition to a natural maritime environment from which you can see from June to September the passage of whales and birds throughout the year.

Lodging services, bar, events, swimming pool, tennis court, cabins, secure parking area, wifi.

Every Saturday we have live music starting at 7:00 p.m.

We promote the activities of culture and nature in the destination

whatsapp reports 0995222222 or farallondillon@hotmail.com


Spa located a short distance from Liberty and Santa Elena, owes its name to those cetaceans were observed in groups on their way to the place they choose for mating.

The beach of Ballenita has a length of 1600 meters of beach (including 200 meters of rocky area and 300 meters of sand and rock).

Its climate is dry, its average annual temperature is 25 degrees Celsius.


• Surfing is a very popular sport because the sea on the beach has one of the longest waves on the Ecuadorian coast.

• The pleasant temperature of the sea water with warm sand invites families to spend moments of relaxation.

• Hikes: You can make long walks with lots of playful crabs, which will test their agility inside their holes.



Our original facilities offer restaurant service, museum, bohemian style nightclub and accommodation. Embedded in the top of a cliff from where you can see the wide sea, the cliff is decorated with all the elements of galleons and pirate ships so that in everything in the environment will take the tourist to dream of great legends and conquests of treasures.

Farallón Dillon

It is located in Ballenita, Santa Elena - Ecuador

Una joya imperdible en la Ruta del Sol.

Lomas de Ballenita

 Santa Elena / farallondillon@hotmail.com

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(+593) 0995 22 22 22 


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